'concrete marrow' is a series of works that imagines a future where destruction and redevelopment are so constant, animals have evolved to mimic and absorb parts of common machinery and construction equipment. each piece is based on anatomical diagrams of plants, insects, fish, birds, and mammals from across the Pacific Northwest. these close ups are then stretched, warped, and combined with mechanical parts and other elements the artist has seen throughout the cities of the Lower Mainland. the mixture of texture and material throughout the exhibition gives the works a chaotic and ever-changing energy. pieces are stacked haphazardly on top of each other, plinths, concrete, and scrap metal. a very internal examination of human and non-human lives suddenly becomes very alien. through this exhibition the artist examines our constantly developing environmental crises and the little-acknowledged mingling with and the effect of the city on strange, hopeful, and horrifying non-human-ness.

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baby lung...bird lung (ceramic, metal, plaster  13cm x 30cm x 48cm)
bird lung...bird lung (ceramic, epoxy, metal, duct tape  37cm x 36cm x 77cm)
blood trout...trout digestive system + blood flow monitor (ceramic, epoxy, metal  15cm x 36cm x 75cm)
bug lung...isopod digestive + respiratory system (ceramic, epoxy, metal, plaster  13cm x 33cm x 66cm)
caribou brick...caribou hindlimb + brick (ceramic  17cm x 22cm x 28cm)
caribou hammer...caribou forelimb hoof + piledriving hammer (ceramic  14cm x 18cm x 33cm)
chickadee...chickadee reproductive system + excretory system ceramic, epoxy, metal, zipties  14cm x 41cm x 79cm)
ento-brick...saduria entomon brain + brick (ceramic, epoxy, metal, duct tape  22cm x 28cm x 71cm)
entomon...saduria entomon brain + fence (ceramic, metal  5cm x 23cm x 30cm)
flat lung...bird lung (ceramic, metal  48cm x 36cm x 18cm)
moose...moose ovaries (ceramic, epoxy, metal  17cm x 18cm x 30cm)
murrelet...marbled murrelet skull endocast + crane operation buttons (ceramic, epoxy, plaster, metal, cardboard)
neural trout...trout nervous system + gills (ceramic, epoxy, metal  18cm x 18cm x 64cm)
owl...western screech owl syrinx (cceramic, epoxy  8cm x 25cm x 34cm)
pine beetle...pine beetle + log picker + traffic cone (ceramic, epoxy, metal  21cm x 20cm x 56cm)
rat...rat brain (ceramic, metal, epoxy, zipties  21cm x 30cm x 51cm)
specklebelly...transverse cross section of old growth specklebelly lichen (cceramic, epoxy, metal  5cm x 48cm x 18cm)
spine trout...trout spinal cord + brain (ceramic, metal, epoxy, zipties  114cm x 14cm x 71cm)
splayed moose...splayed moose ovaries (ceramic, metal  10cm x 23cm x 27cm)
wheel...piledriver wheels + fish veins (ceramic  15cm x 51cm x 6cm)